6.5. Assessment of Honesty and Loyalty of Prospective Employees


Each employer is interested in having employees that are not only experts in their field, but also honest and loyal to their organisation.

As it was already mentioned, corruptive behaviour is impossible without human will and his/her purposeful actions; therefore, in order to minimise the risk of abusive practices of employees and the risk of threat of potential corruption in the organisation, it is necessary to conduct a very careful and responsible staff selection, which includes not only testing of the candidate's competencies, knowledge and professional skills, but also his/her personal qualities.

The absolute majority of employers put scrupulous efforts to analyse their candidate's background data and recommendations, and often call the former employers to check the candidate's background facts and collect reliable information characterising the person.

Here it is expedient  to note that collection of information in such manner  might bring opposite results, as the former and / or current employers: 1) sometimes they are  not willing to diminish  the opportunities for their employees to find a new job and tend to express their positive opinions about their former employees; 2) can purposefully  provide false or misleading information, if they know that the employee intends to get employed with competitors and are unwilling to lose him / her; or, on the contrary, — are willing  to get rid of an incompetent and dishonest employee.

For the process of checking recommendations is efficient, it would be advisable to consider the persons giving recommendations only as a source of reference for obtaining knowledge about other persons who would be able to provide more objective data on the prospective employee.

Moreover, in order to form a better view of the candidate, it would advisable to contact at least two supervisors, two colleagues and two subordinates from the previous workplace.

Still, psychological tests are considered to be a more reliable staff selection measure. They allow to easily anticipate the candidate's inclination to unfair behaviour and other undesirable factors (for example, the Staffing Methodology such as BRASS — Behaviour Risk Assessment System); however, this requires an access to a qualified HR specialist / psychologist, which would be able to evaluate these tests, or hiring appropriate staff selection companies; therefore, this measure is recommended only  in selection  of employees to more responsible positions, which are also "riskier" in terms of corruption (for example, procurement manager; chief accountant; head of the unit; person responsible for the property of an organisation, etc.).