No. Website Essentials
Programmes, articles, publications, corruption reports, corruption prevention reports.
 1.  National Anti-corruption Programme of the Republic of Lithuania for 2015-2025.
 2.  Inter-institutional Action Plan for 2015-2019 for the Implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Programme of the Republic of Lithuania for 2015-2025.
 3.  National anti-corruption laws, anti-corruption policy and practices of countries.
 4.  Lithuanian Bar Association topicalities, legal information.
 5.  UK Anti-Corruption Plan.
 6.  Article describing six anti-corruption strategies.
 7.  Proposals to fight corruption in the European Union.
 8.  Article about the fact the corrupt European countries costing EU nearly £800bn a year.
 9.  Anti-corruption Report  of the European Commission 2014.
 10.  Anti-corruption Report  of the European Commission 2014 – Lithuania.
 11.  Article about finding  the right measurement for corruption. 
 12.  Article about the Panama Papers.
 13.  Three steps to stop secret companies.
 14.  Article about the link between conflicts and corruption.
 15.  Report of the meeting of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Prevention. .
 16.  Different talks of specialists about corruption. 

Corruption and shadow economy. 
Information on democracy and corruption indexes, members of the Seimas (Parliament), municipal council members 
 18.  I the map information on democracy indexes of all countries of the world. 
 19.  Lithuanian democracy points.
 20.  Transparency International Lithuania website, where one may find information about corruption crimes all over Lithuania. 
 21.  Municipal transparency assessment and relevant information about municipal council members. 
 22.  Information on voting of the members of the Seimas (Parliament), activity level of participation in discussions, success in draft  submission. 
 23.  Information on the activities of Lithuanian courts. 
 24.  Public opinion data on the work of the European Commission. 
 25.  Index of Economic Freedom in all countries of the world . 
 26.  Country Rating in all countries of the world.
 27.  Corruption Perceptions Index 1995/2015.
 28.  Global Corruption Barometer 2003/2013.
 29.  Information about corruption.
Websites for reporting  corruption, illegal trade 
 30.  System for the fight against drugs, crime and all forms of terrorism. 
 31.  The web page of an anonymous service for reporting bribery cases and providing reports on bribery. 
 32.  Provides information on illegal  trade as well as provides a possibility to report it.
Anti-corruption schools 
 33.  Online training platform for anti-corruption.
 34.  Anti-corruption training school.
Information on taxes, public procurement 
 35.  Information on spending tax revenue of residents in 2014-2015. 
 36.  Public procurement information provided by Contracting Authorities (CAs) to the Public Procurement Office (PPO) and published in the Central Public Procurement Information System (CPP IS).
 37.  Information on  procurement contracts.
 38.   The State Tax Inspectorate web page information on  tax amounts paid by a legal entity.
The best practice documents, recommendations 
 39.  National Audit Office Report No VA-P2-20-13-24“State Enterprise Management” of 23 December 2009.
 40.  G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance2015. 

OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises, 2015 Edition.

United Nations Handbook on Practical Anti-Corruption Measures for Prosecutors and Investigators